We get a number of inquiries about our Tips for Charity program. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Each month, we select a Covington area non-profit. All tips collected at Glacier View Coffee for the month are donated to that non-profit.

The intent is to leverage the popularity and draw of Glacier View Coffee and in turn support Covington non-profits – which are doing great things in our community.

Each month, the owners of Glacier View Coffee pick an organization that is important to them to support. There is no application process, nor do they pick from pools of organizations who have asked to be included.

  • Yes, most definitely. The organizations must be located in the 45318 zip code. There may be a case where something of importance to the ownership family will be selected, as an example breast cancer awareness since it affected the family. But overwhelmingly the organizations will be in Covington.
  • The organizations must be 501(C)3 non-profits.
  • Hardship cases and similar things are not the intent of what is to be supported by this program.

We talked with current and former employees of other coffee shops. Since those people were almost always combining tips and splitting them, we increased their net by raising our hourly pay rates to more than compensate for our donating tips to local non-profits.